Why Use Campion Recruiting

CRS has an in-depth understanding of the specialized fields of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Organizational Development. CRS was envisioned and founded by a prominent I-O psychologist and our staff is educated and experienced in I-O psychology and related fields.

Our extensive resources allow the prescreening of a large number of candidates in order to maximize the match to your position. These resources allow CRS to locate and prescreen initial qualified candidates in two weeks or less.

CRS understands that every organization has different needs and each client is unique. Therefore, we offer a strong customer service orientation to tailor the search to your specifications.

How Does CRS Compare To Other Recruiting Firms?
  • We specialize in I-O psychology and Organizational Development only. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the skills required for successful careers in these fields. Other firms recruit for a wide range of jobs, often with only a limited understanding of the needs and challenges of these fields.
  • Our staff is educated and experienced in I-O psychology and related fields. Other firms' recruiters often do not understand the specialty of I-O Psychology.
  • We are continually expanding our extensive database of qualified candidates. Other firms may only begin looking for I-O candidates after taking on the search.
  • Our database enables finding optimal matches because it contains a very large portion of the candidates potentially on the market. Other firms will likely only identify current job seekers.

Our superior service results in two key advantages for you and your organization:

  • The best possible match between candidates and position requirements.
  • Initial candidates are located and prescreened quickly - in as little as two weeks.
Please contact us for more information on how Campion Recruiting Services can enhance your search for an Industrial-Organizational psychologist or Organizational Development professional.